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I. Sri Hayagreeva Homam & Thirumanjanam to be held on Sunday the 6th of March, 2011. (Click here to view pathrika) II. SAMASHTI UPANAYANAM held on 4th to 16th February, 2011. (Click here to view). III.This year’s Annual Pratishtapana Dina Brahmotsavam was celebrated in a great pomp from Monday the 10th of January, 2011 with Dwajarohanam and concluded with 108 Kalasa Thirumanjanam to Moolavar and Utsavar Sri Balaji on Sunday the 23rd of January, 2011. Website being updated, inconvenience regretted.

The Mandir was established in 1983 under the auspices of Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam. Before talking about the Mandir, a few words about the Ashramam. This Ashramam is headquartered at Srirangam in Tamil Nadu, between the rivers of Cauvery and Kolledam, near Tiruchirappally and is presently headed by an eminent scholar-Saint, His Holiness Sri Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikan (Srimushnam Andavan). The Ashramam has Branches in New Delhi, Rishikesh, Hyderabad, Tirumala-Tirupathi, Bangalore, Mysore (Melkottai), Chennai, Neyveli, Kumbakonam, Dombivli (near Mumbai), etc.

Arjitha Utsavams

Following utsavams (or festivities or special worship) are performed at special request of devotees on days mutually convenient, on payment of donations to cover costs:

  • Vivaha (Kalyana) Utsavam – Wedding festival of the Lord with His Consort
  • Sri Sudarshana Homam - Homam invoking and worshipping Sri Sudarshanar for warding off evils and accomplishment of one’s cherished objectives
  • Thirumanjanams (or Abhishekams)
  • Sahasranama or Ashtothra Archanas